VIDEO Directions to Hacienda Eco-Domes – Valle de Guadalupe

  • If coming from San Diego or Tijuana, take the coast highway down towards the coastal city of Ensenada. (about 1 hour by car)
  • At the entrance of Ensenada area, you’ll drive up to a toll booth.  Pay the small fee and drive another 2 miles (about 5 km) and take the RUTA DEL VINO exit.
  • It will swing you around and take you up the small foothills and down into the Valle de Guadalupe. (about 10 minute ride by car)
  • Once you get down the hill in the Valle de Guadalupe, you are now in the small town of San Antonio de las Minas.
  • And that’s where this video above takes over.
  • So you pass the only light in town, drive another 1.5 miles or about 3.5 km, pass the Hotel Fatima and look on right side for entrance to our colonia called LAS LOMAS
  • Make a right into Las Lomas colonia.
  • Now you are on a dirt road
  • Drive up the dirt road as it curves back and forth for about 1 km.
  • Make a right a Cocorit Street.
  • Drive 2 small blocks and make a left on Bacanora
  • We are the 3rd property on the right side.
Coast Highway to Valle de Guadalupe


San Antonio de las Minas / Valle de Guadalupe

To make it easier for you, just watch the video above.

If you get lost, just contact us and tell us your location.  We will come find you and bring you in.

Text us at 646-119-9346 (mexico cel)

If calling from USA, dial 011-52-646-119-9346