Meet the Chickens at Hacienda Eco-Domes

The Flock is in the house

This summer we finally finished our Chicken Coop. It’s located at the very back of our 6000 meter squared plus property. Currently we have 11 chickens, 6 baby chicks and one Rooster.

They are housed in a very large spacious coop and chicken run. We feed them organic foods only. On average we get about (3) farm fresh eggs per day or about 21 eggs per week. That’s plenty for us, our neighbors and guests.

Fresh Eggs… amazing!
Grandson Landin feeding the Chicken
In the Coop with Grandson Landin
Chickens running the run
“Whatchoo You Lookin; at Mister”
Pecking at Watermelon
Oh Yeah!
The Chicken Run
Eye to Eye with the Chickens. That’s Baboon in black and white
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