History 2013: Building Main House and Master Suite – EarthBag Construction


This video shows us building our main house (14m2 x 14m2, approximately 1700 sq. ft) and our master suite which is comprised of 4 domes each of about 5m2; a bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, and private sitting room. This effort took about 4.5 months with about 10 workers on the project.

It’s about 3000 sq. ft plus. The finishes are NOT yet completed but you can how cool the project is looking. When completed EarthBag Punish will have 5000 sq. ft of living space, (about 500m2) on about 2 acres (6000 + m2). We aim to keep it simple to maintain, easy to repair, and use as many eco-friendly materials as possible.

We aim to have recycled water, compost toilets, use 100% solar energy, and have an organic aquaponic garden, fish farm, and some chickens for fresh eggs… So instead of complaining about how bad the world is…

We think its time to take action and live freer, happier, and with respect for our fellow man….and doing this project is a step in the right direction because our kids are sharing it with us and now they have a path to live well in the 21st century…it’s very cool!