So this past week we updated the grey and black water recycling system for the Petite Sirah Dome casita.

We excavated a trench and made an artificial rock-lined garden canal.   The canal gravity feeds down into the main river area where we have an out of sight storage tank where we can pump the water when full into our final 3-stage oxygen-induced filter system before we reuse the water for non-food plants.

Basically, the water flows into the rock river canal that is filled with dirt and water-absorbing plants. The dirt and plants along with oxygen clean the water.  The water gets goes into the storage tank where, when full, gets sent to 3 other oxygen-induced storage tanks where, at the end of the line, we can pump out and use it to water non-food trees or make cement we use for construction or whatever else we need.

It’s a really good way to re-use our precious water resources at Hacienda Eco-Domes.

The canal is made with cement and plastic lining so that the water does NOT seep into the ground potentially contaminating the surrounding fruit tree orchard or the ground water that local winieries depend on.