UFO Alert! Spaceship Lands Serves Wine in Valle de Guadalupe

Alximia Winery Brings Unique and Special Presentation to the Baja Wine Country

Aliens in the Valle?
Aliens in the Valle?

What an incredible ruse!  We almost fell for it ourselves!

Upon landing this spaceship, the crew quickly started serving wine and some delicious meals on the back deck pretending to be a fantastic, unique winery called Alximia.

It would seem after some great food and several glasses of wine most people fall for the cover up.

“Ingenious!” I exclaimed.  “What a captain and crew!”.

After all we are in the Valle de Guadalupe where there are multitudes of great wineries and world class chefs. With that in mind they pulled one of the greatest cover-ups I’ve ever seen.

A Spaceship can be clearly seen in broad day light and yet after a few glasses of wine most people can not even see it!  Imagine that!

Well it’s time to expose this hoax.

First before your senses are blurred by their enticing and intoxicating wine you can clearly see the space ship.  Here, take a look!

Then step inside. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful gift shop; after all space travel requires funding too!


Take a close look around. You will see the warp core reactor cleverly disguised as stainless steel wine tanks right there in the entry.  I’m certain we were standing right in the middle of the engineering deck.

Wine Making

The crew seemed to be a little short handed that day so I took my chances and went past this sign to access the lower deck. The sign was in a foreign language but I am sure it said something like “Only Ship Crew Beyond this Point”.

Wine Zone! Do Not Enter

I am sure they have been able to keep up this ruse for this long only because most people never get down to the lower deck.

It was here that I found the absolute proof that this ship traveled great distances to reach Valle de Guadalupe. The stasis pods for the crew were in the chamber below the main deck. I took this quick picture to expose this cover up once and for all and headed back to the main deck.

Full Wine Barrels

I thought I was going to make it out quick and easy but … noooooo!  They were more clever than I expected. I found myself enticed with wine and food. It was truly a unique experience and a very enjoyable way to spend Sunday afternoon.

After a while we realised the crew was actually very accommodating. I spoke to other visitors and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. Perhaps I was being taken in by the ruse after all. I found myself a little confused and I was not the only one as several other people felt that they also had blank spots in their memories.  Hum?

As I said this one was a very unique experience; not to be missed. We visited the gift shop, spent some money to help fund their trip home, and bid the “space travelers” a fair well.


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