Pool and Spa at Hacienda Eco-Domes

Pool and Jacuzzi shared by 4 casitas


Over the summer of 2021, we built our new pool and spa.  It is centrally located in the middle of our property for all to use.

It’s basically a plunge pool between 4 to 5 feet deep and a hot tub spa with water jets that seat 6 guests.

To exercise in the pool, we have installed a high-pressure resistance pump just below the water line that, when activated, allows the user to swim against the heavy rush of water making it an excellent resistance exercise.   Use it for 15 minutes and you’ll be in great shape, ready to visit our local wineries with great energy and vigor.


Both the pool and spa can be heated together or separately.  It just depends on how the user wants to enjoy the waters.  Most of the time, we heat up the spa with its jets to about 100F and let the pool just be the natural temperature.  This setup gives the user options.

In the winter months when outside temperatures range from 60F (15c) to lows 30F (-1c), we heat up both the Spa and Pool so that users can enjoy a great warm pleasant experience.

Now, we don’t keep them heated 24/7.  That would be a waste of good energy. So when a user wants to use the waters, all they have to do is notify us about 2 hours in advance and let us know how they want to use the waters and at what temperatures.  We will then get that all setup and going.  And within a few hours or less, they can use the pools.

Oh, we also have two BBQ grills available and a pizza oven too.  Of course, there is a lovely picnic table to sip wine and enjoy food while you go back and forth to the pool.