Meet The Best Burgers in Baja California Norte

Don't even ask! Just Eat! Eat I tell ya!

And the winner is……Betty’s Authentic American Burgers!  And it was NOT even close.

First, it all comes down to the owner DANTE.  The man cares about what he does and the food he creates for his customers!  And it shows big time.

Owner Dante showing off one of his many well-deserved awards

BTW, the name “Betty” comes from Dante’s Mother-in-Law, with whom he and has wife have bestowed the honor.  Oh and Dante is also a musician who plays locally with his band on weekends.  So don’t forget to ask him about it and go see him play live.  Hey, burgers and fun music is where its’ at folks.

Ok, back to the burgers…yes, they are incredible. They are created from 100% American Angus Beef. Dante and his staff use only Toasted Buttered Buns and select gourmet cheeses giving the badass burgers an out-of-this-world taste.

Oh, and the “hole in the wall” atmosphere is sooooo perfect.  Add in that Dante makes the most incredible homemade sauces to go with your meal and you got a real culinary paradise.  Hey, Andrew Zimmern, you listenin’?  Get over there!  Look, I can say a bunch of words but really, just check out the pictures herein.

The front of Betty’s Authentic American Burgers. It’s on the main road just south of downtown Rosarito
My 13-year-old grandson Landin contemplating “Which side of this humungous burgers should I take the first bite from….hum? “
My 13-year-old grandson Landin in front of Betty’s Authentic American Burgers. Landin loves this place
My 13 year old grandson Landin is just happy to be where he can teenage gorge on food. Hey, being 13-year-old takes a lot of calories. So you might want to bring in your teens too!
The inside is comfy and inviting. Your host Dante will ensure that your visit will be special. I know, my grandson Landin keeps wanting to go back and back and back! He loves it

Don’t miss the fresh fried to order Onion Rings
Epic Burgers and Amazing Fries
Betty’s also serves other types of burgers ie……pastrami, patty melts

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