VIDEO: Grey Water System at Hacienda Eco-Domes

2015   At Hacienda Eco-Domes, a successful BnB in the Valle de Guadalupe, they built a unique fun easy-to-use-system, to reclaim water from the showers, laundry, and sinks.

This is the way it works;

Water is used in the main house. It flows down into the 1st pass-through tank where it filters through sand, gravel, and dirt. Plants eat the dirty bacterias and stuff…. and it “passes-through” under the walkway to a 2nd pass-through tank. In this 2nd tank, the water is halfway cleaned already. As it passes through it gets a second cleaning. This time the plants really grow well as they are NOT overwhelmed by the bacterias and stuff. The water eventually pass-through into a storage tank and is ready for use.

The water is clean enough to use for watering NON-food plants, cleaning the patios, cars, make cement or anything else that is NON-food related.

At the property, they also clean the black water for re-use. But that’s for another day.

Oh and most of all, please take some of the ideas and use them at your home too!
After all, we all must conserve and respect the water to make our world a better place.

STAGE 1: Grey Water Pass-Through Tank filled with sand, gravel, and dirt


STAGE 2: 2nd Pass-Through Tank filled with sand with Plants Growing
STAGE 3: 4000 liter Storage Tank under the cement walkway with water pump and hose to get the cleaned water out as needed.