History 2013: Building 250 meter EarthBag Wall at Hacienda Eco-Domes

Find out how we built Hacienda Eco-Domes. Watch our video

History 2012: The Making of Punish Studios at Hacienda Eco-Domes

Our first Earthbag Home. Find out how we built it. Watch our video

Local Organic Market in Valle de Guadalupe

This organic market appears to offer no flyers, no cards, no signs, no advertising as means of finding out about them ... but a...

UFO Alert! Spaceship Lands Serves Wine in Valle de Guadalupe

What an incredible ruse!  We almost fell for it ourselves! Upon landing this spaceship, the crew quickly started serving wine and some delicious meals on...

Street Food: Discover the Best Ceviche in the Ensenada Area

Review: The very best ceviche tostadas are NOT in downtown Ensenada but at the stoplight in San Antonio de las Minas in the Valle de Guadalupe.  It's called MARISCOS PAEZ

Classic 1951 Chevrolet Truck Caught Roaming the Valle de Guadalupe

So today whilst at the locale seafood cart called Mariscos Paez at the light in San Antonio de las Minas, I spotted this amazing...

Food Truck in the Baja Wine Valley?

Not far up a dirt road you will find the picturesque vineyards of Adobe de Guadalupe. In the Garden sitting area Leda and her...